- Breakthrough Strategies for Predicting Any Market

A book that will forever change the way you think about trading and take your technical analysis to the next level

Certain to become one of the great trading books of the 21st century, Breakthrough Strategies for Predicting Any Marketis star trader, ’s maxim opus. In it he shares his hard-won lessons on what it takes to be a professional trader, while detailing his proven techniques for mastering market timing. With the help of numerous case studies and charts, Jeff develops his original high-probability pattern recognition system which, once mastered endows its user with a deeper understanding of how the markets really work and boosts the efficiency of any trading methodology by an order of magnitude. Following in the footsteps of the great W.D. Gann, Jeff helps you gain greater precision in any instrument you trade, on any time frame.

  • Actual market examples supplemented with 120 charts of stocks, bonds, commodities in multiple time frames from minutes to 10 years starting with varied combination of price, volume and momentum studies
  • Makes even the most complex subject matter easy to understand with crystal-clear explanations and step-by-step guidance on all concepts, terms, processes and techniques
  • Shares fascinating and enlightening personal anecdotes from ’s career along with his candid reflection on getting and maintaining the mental discipline of a successful trader
  • Identifies potential support and resistance levels, including envelope and channel analysis and Fibonacci ratios, and demonstrates that most reversals and breakouts occur on an key time bar

Table of Contents

Foreword xi

Acknowledgements xvii

Introduction xxi

1. Closing the Gap 1

  • Impulse Waves 3
  • Corrective Waves 6
  • Triangles 9
  • Diagonal Triangles 11
  • Sentiment 12
  • My Experience with Elliott 15

2. A New Look at the Language of Elliott Waves 17

  • Introduction to Time Relationships 20
  • Examining Corrections 23
  • In-Depth Look at Triangles 30
  • The Overlap Rule 33

3. Rotation in the Markets 41

  • Bear Rotations 44
  • The Entire Cycle from Bull to Bear Rotation 48
  • Advanced Set-ups 51
  • Sideways Markets 62

4. Candlesticks and the Time Element 67

  • Support and Resistance 69
  • Polarity Lines and Zones 79
  • Putting It All Together: Time Resistance 82

5. Divergences 89

  • MACD and Divergences 90
  • Intraday Case Studies 97

6. Volume Studies, Moving Averages, and the Time Element 115

  • Moving Averages and Time Clusters 116
  • Adding Volume to the Mix 120
  • Tracking Bull to Bear 122
  • Timing Cup and Handle Patterns 125

7. Hitting Moving Targets—Fibonacci

  • Price Projections 137
  • Creating Projections 139
  • Introductory Case Studies 140
  • Advanced Case Studies 157

8. Advanced Projection Techniques 163

  • Going the Extra Mile 164
  • Extensions Based on Corrections 166
  • Variations on Gartley for Corrective Wave Patterns 168
  • Adding the Time Element 174
  • Extensions off Triangle Breakouts 182
  • Larger Degree Projections 185
  • Advanced Calculations 190

9. Timing the Forex Market 195

  • Examining the Charts 197

10. Mental Toughness 213

  • Taking out the Garbage 214
  • The Zone 221
  • Developing Mental Toughness 223
  • Becoming a Nonconformist 229
  • Living in the Present 231
  • Exploring Different Methodologies 235

11. Practice Makes Profits 241

  • Practice Patience 242
  • High-Probability Set-ups with MACD Divergence 245
  • Calculating High Probability Targets 253
  • Buying Dips, Selling Rallies 267
  • Buying off Corrections 273

12. Conclusion 275

  • Bibliography 279
  • Glossary 282
  • Index 294
  • About the Author 311

Author Information

, a private trader for the past eight years, is the editor of The Fibonacci Forecaster, a market timing letter with circulation to traders and money managers in 17 countries that covers stocks, bonds, precious metals, currencies, and the crude oil market. A regular contributor to Futuresmag.com and Futures magazine, he has also published articles in Your Trading Edge magazine from Australia and The Trader’s Journal from Singapore. He speaks at various trading conventions and has been featured on KFNN 1510 Financial News Radio.

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